Equipment List and Capabilities

CNC Lathes: 30 Hp, 15 Hp

CNC Mills: 5 Hp, 5 Hp

Manual Lathe: 10 Hp

Manual Mill: 3 Hp

Pressure Testing: 27,000 psi

Heat Treat Oven: 8 Cycles Programmable

Shear: 1/4" Thick, 10'3" Between Housings

Bend: 200 Ton, 12'6" Between Housings

Iron Worker: 60 Ton, Punch, Cope, Bend, Shear

Weld: Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cast (MIG, Pulse MIG, TIG, Stick)

Cutting: Plasma Torch, Oxy-Act Torch

Saw: 8" x 8"

Auto-CAD 2000, R14

Bob-CAD/CAM v23, v22, v21

Plotting: Color, Up to E Size