Cement Dump Bailer

3D Farms & Machine’s positive displacement dump bailer is an electric wire line tool used in the oil and gas industry. The dump bailer is used during both well completion and rework operations. The cement dump bailer’s primary use is to dump cement slurry on a bridge or sand plug to increase its strength. The PDDB can also be used for other applications such as spotting acid at particular zone or dumping cement on through tubing bridge plugs.

3D Farms and Machines’ positive displacement dump bailer is proven, reliable technology that has been used in the Deep Anadarko Basin, Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions of the United States since 1994.  

If you are tired of using explosive shear studs, squibs or power charges to dump your cement take a look at our actuator that takes seconds to redress and cock. 3D Farms & Machine offers three different sizes of positive displacement dump bailer system for sale or lease.

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